Its Always Fun And Games

Ahhh the memories i remember when me and my siblings used to sit by the TV taking turns

playing Mario Cart, Nintendo is an amazing company that kids everywhere use. Its amazing

to know that after so long its still a thriving company. Nintendo has so many games and consoles

they’ve made over the years.hopefully in years to come they can expand to more than just video games

in the near future.

Nintendo Playing Facilities

Hey guys and thanks for reading today’s article. I recently took a ‘virtual tour’ through the Nintendo playing center in San Diego….and needless to say I was impressed by the facilities. They had our favorite Nintendo logo’s and emblems literally everywhere. There was a descending story board picture wall that took up and entire wall that looked like an arena. Truly impressive to say the least. I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience today and hopefully you will be able to see my vision of what I saw “because basically you aren’t allowed to take pictures” in their facility. But I’ll give it my best shot to try and describe what I saw.

Front office and lobby area

The front office area was nice. It was a concrete floor that looked almost marble, but it was polished and beautiful looking. Now that I think of it, my friend Isaac who does concrete polishing in San Diego, I believe was the contractor for this flooring. He does a great job and I know his kids were excited to visit the Nintendo playing center too, because they are big fans!


The elevators were filled with Nintendo themed characters, as well as the playing consoles from all the years. It had my favorite, the Nintendo64 with my favorite game of all time- NFL Blitz, on my elevator. The Building was about 10 stories high and there were multiple rooms where you could play an assortment of games.

Eating Area

The eating area had a lot of, you guessed it, Nintendo themed foods from Link / Zelda and the Mario brothers. It was pretty cool to check that out and to eat there considering all the celebrities that have been there in the past. I was hungry by the time lunch came around,  I was starving!

Parking Lot

The parking lot was themed as, you guessed it! Mario Brother Cart! My second favorite game of all time. They had all the racing tracks and painted theme’s just like the game. Must be a pretty cool place to come in and play games for tournaments and even be a full time gamer.  I know a lot of my friends are into online gaming with the Xbox and PS3 these days, playing all of those war games and such, but I love my Wii and Nintendo in general. I mean who doesn’t love a good game of Mario Brothers?!

Anyway, that was my experience with the playing center, and if you have had any experiences, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

The Hidden Gems of Nintendo

If you feel the need to buy a bundled PS3 console, think again, because you’ll need to purchase an entirely separate kit that accompanies the basic Move kit. Wii decided to visit the finest shop for vintage Nintendo gear and wait in line for an opportunity to buy a Wii console. A Nintendo Wii doesn’t need to be brand new to provide you with a wonderful gaming experience. The Nintendo Wii is a huge console for folks of all ages. Remember to ask the seller what’s wrong and the reason it is so cheap before you even think about buying the Nintendo Wii. In reality, Nintendo Wii isn’t just seen in homes around the world. The DSi boasts the capability to purchase and download games straight from the web.


It’s possible to acquire substantial assortment of games at a cost that’s negligible and is actually less than the cost of an original simple unit game. The games featured here aim to give a selection of games so that there’ll be something for everybody, I have likewise made an attempt to include several games like FarmVille not on Facebook. It also provides you to really download games at no cost without paying a penny from several websites out there. In case you aren’t quite certain how many games you are going to want to store, then you ought to receive a 16Gbit card. It’s also simpler to acquire video games than ever before. In the modern world, video games are presently a portion of our culture. You can receive the discount video game, bid for the price which you wish to pay, and find quick shipping.

One needs to discover these games different from most run-of-the-mill goods, and so, enjoy playing them. The games provided in WiiFit also give players a number of opportunities for exercise. It has nine different games played in multiple locations throughout the entire world. To take pleasure in the complete game you must download and purchase it. It is a rather exciting game. It is among the most well-known games that Nintendo Wii has.

In the beginning, you get to believe that it’s simple, but as you progress the game will become harder and harder. All these games might not be precisely the same, but the notion is comparable. The game happens on the planet of Neopia. In general, it’s a fun and pleasurable game that all you wrestling fans may enjoy. Playing with 6 of friends and family on an identical game is an experience which you would rather not miss out on. There are a large variety of secrets within this game that permit you to play more levels and get power ups to get your weaponry even more fierce. It is a four wheeler racing game which never gets old, however simplistic it truly is.

In case you have an NES, we’re referring to a machine that is just about 30 years old. A 1 stop solution for many of your DS requirements. The DS is now the most popular console available on the market, even outselling all 3 7th generation home consoles. There might be a couple of reasons someone may want to select a regular Nintendo DS vs. the Nintendo DSi.

My thoughts about the Nintendo Switch

I think Nintendo does a great job of promoting it’s products. From the NES to the SNES, from N64 (minus that one weird virtual reality system they had in there for a while – although I thought it was decent), to Gamecube, to Wi, and also the handheld games such as Gameboy – they always have been a hit. Now they are coming out with a detachable gaming system called the “switch”, to be launched later this year (source).

It will be interesting to see if this system is going to be successful or not. I guess only time will tell!

Pokemon Go: How did I never see it coming?!

Pokemon Go! was the best kept secret since the Manhattan Project in my opinion (that’s when they were creating the Atom Bomb, you know?). Not a single damn person outside of Nintendo knew about this, and that’s amazing considering how big the launch was. It was GIGANTIC. More users signed up in the 1st week than any other app in the history of smartphones! Think about that for a second. That’s incredible. We wrote a little bit about Nintendo’s stock price  and guess what this amazing app did?

Yes, it skyrocketed the stock price.

I just can’t believe I never saw it coming. I am sometimes hard on myself, but I mean, damn, this was epic. Kudo’s to Nintendo for keeping the lid on this thing.

What Pokemon Go means for the Future of Nintendo

I will admit, I was a bit skeptical to think that Nintendo would become a major player again. I wrote about how xBox and Sony with Playstation were taking over most of the market. But this one little app put Nintendo right back on the map! Overnight! It’s hard to believe, but it did happen, even if it was for the first time in history.  Continue reading

Awesome! Nintendo Compatible Solar Charger

Nintendo and its affiliates are always coming up with pretty cool devices. When they first came out with the Gameboy in the 1980’s, they shocked the world because it was so innovative. It was the first handheld gaming device that was interchangable with games. Truly Amazing.

Then they came out with the Nintendo Entertainment system, which was an 8-bit home gaming console that basically brought an arcade to your house. If you remember all the cool games for it, such as Super Mario Bro’s 1-3, Zelda, Noah’s arc and other classics, you’ll remember how amazingly awesome this system was.

Then of course came the Super-nintendo, which was a 16Bit system, which was ahead of it’s time as well.

Then came the Nintendo 64, a 64-bit gaming system that was along the lines of the Sony Playstation, and now of course there was the gamecube and Wii.

But another cool innovation is a solar powered charger that is compatible with multiple Nintendo gaming systems (which you can buy here on Amazon). While not actually made by Nintendo the company, it’s guaranteed to charge all the newer nintendo gaming systems. I thought of a few different occasions that would be useful for:

  1. If you’re camping. If you’re out there in the middle of the wilderness and you’re a gaming addict, there’s no doubt you will have an urge to play games. Now you’ll need a power source such as a generator or some other form of power such as a battery to power your TV, but as far as recharging goes, you’ll be able to harness the power of the sun.
  2. If the power grid goes down for any (or no) reason. Power outages happen all the time. Storms happen, and they blow trees down or rain so hard that it floods the power plant. Or sometimes fires strike and can affect the powerlines. And again, if you’re really into Nintendo and gaming in general, you’ll want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
  3. If you live off grid. If you’re wanting to permanently or semi-permanently live off the grid, you’ll need a solar recharger for your gaming devices. This would come in super handy for the outdoorsman and survivalist who still wants to be a gamer.

I wanted to give a big shoutout to my man Steve in California, who works for a solar company in Fresno. He gave me the idea to write this article and I just thought it was pretty cool overall, so thanks Big Steve for that heads up!

Anyways, I love the idea of combining off grid technology with gaming systems and thought it was awesome that there is a charger that’s solar powered for any Nintendo System. Continue reading

Nintendo’s new app idea

Did you hear what Nintendo might be doing?


They finally may be creating apps for the Smartphone where you can plug in an old controller (like the N64) to play games on your phone.

According to an article from the Verge (, Nintendo is entertaining the idea of possibly creating apps and plug in controllers.

Just imagine the possibilities. You could play anything from NES, to Super NES, to N64, to Gamecube on your phone. Now, you won’t even need to have a TV or your game console anymore. How crazy is that? For us Nintendo fans, we’ll be playing like 20 hours a day because as you know, everyone keeps their smartphones with them 24 hours a day. And now that you combine gaming with the smart phone, it’s about to be game over. Now people are never gonna put it down. Continue reading

Nintendo stock price

I want to write a little bit about the business side Nintendo. Yes we all love Nintendo and all their products starting with the Game Boy Way back in the day, the Nintendo entertainment system, the super Nintendo, then nintendo 64, and I remember they had that one weird virtual-reality system back in the 90s, and now there we which is very popular. But I’m just curious if they parentheses Nintendo) can withstand the economic environment of a artificially inflated stock price. Nintendo is a publicly traded company and I’m not sure if it’s valued properly right now it’s valued at over $1 billion, but that could change if the prices of money goes down and interest rates change. That would change the whole stock market so it’s not necessarily dependent on whether not nintendo produces great games and video consoles, but the economy as a whole. Because Nintendo stock price will only go down if the economy is going down the tank is well.

Can nintendo make a comeback? These guys don’t think so, and they’re bearish on nintendo stock:

Yes, personal gaming consoles have replaced the arcade parentheses do you member those things that we used to go to his kids to play video games?

Will Nintendo survive? What do you guys think?

Nintendo, Microsoft, Social Media updates

With so much going on in the tech world, such as Microsoft buying linkedIn, it’s rumored that Google is going to buy Twitter. The consolidation of power in the technology world is not going away. For instance there now going to be three major players. And they’re kind of have been all along. Microsoft, Google, Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram, now Microsoft owns LinkedIn, google plus as well as probably Twitter soon. And Snapchat is an entity of its own. They were offered something I know more than $1 billion for it a few years back, but The founder and the owner of it did not want to give up control because I guess he thought it would be worth a lot more in the future, and so far he has been right. Because Snapchat has grown exponentially and will only continue to grow because I think photos delete and can’t be stored on the server. So what does this have to do with Nintendo? Well as you know Microsoft makes the Xbox. And Sony makes the PlayStation. And Nintento makes the Wii. Continue reading

Oh how I love Nintendo!

Hey what’s up everybody? I’m writing this blog to do updates about my favorite gaming company, which is Nintendo. The Nintendo has been around for a very long time, and their first system was Nintendo entertainment system which happens to be probably my favorite all all hey what’s up everybody? I’m writing this blog to do updates about my favorite gaming company, which is Nintendo.. They came out also with the personal gaming system, the first one, if you young folks out there can believe it, there was something actually this low quality for us old folks. LOL there’s a screenshot and a video of what we used to play as kids:

I know it seems crazy… How much technology has been in just 25 years. I mean seriously the game boys weren’t even color back. I can remember playing Zelda on the Gameboy just awesome to reminisced about. So anyways this will be a blog about A bunch of different updates and Nintendo’s doing with the gaming system and I’ll throw in some pretty cool articles about the history for those of you young kids who don’t know about Nintendo’s history. For example, Nintendo starting with the entertainment system which was the NES, and then they upgraded a few years later to the super Nintendo which had much better graphics it’s pretty cool games and that’s the first year that Mario kart and out as low as super Mario Brothers two which is kind and bring to mention which is pretty awesome… Then they came out with the Nintendo 64 which is probably my favorite gaming system of all time other than the original, and then they came out with the GameCube, and now they have the week which is pretty darn fun especially with the interactiveness of the Wi.

In fact if you want, you can even buy one a brief Amazon search. Or you can just find them used on craigslist which is probably even a better bed and it will run you probably like $100. It’s also nice because the wheeze could be used as Netflix Amazon when connected to the Internet. So yes, anyways, Nintendo has a lot of updates, and for all you Nintendo fans out there, if you are I Nintendo enthusiast as MI you’ll love this blog and I’m just so fired up to be writing about it. So for all you Nintendo lovers this is for you and for your kids, and I hope you enjoy the coming articles, coming videos, as well as everything that I know and that I can understand about Nintendo -I will share with you here on the blog.